Ruben is the musical conductor of Sir Jerry’s World. Without him, Sir Jerry would be just another worldly adventurer. Armed with his mysterious guitar, Ruben brings the stories and songs to life with the power of Rock, the sweetness of metal and the disdain of syrup.
Once in a dream, a beautiful Ballerina danced her way into Sir jerry’s imagination. Whenever he has a sour moment, she appears to twirl and hop and spin and fly through the air. Sir jerry has never heard her talk and sometimes he thinks of her as a fairy.
She's a myyyyssttterrryyy....
As the famed song goes, Mrs Poupee is the Queen of the Poupee Doupees. Loved and revered by them for her grace, her intelligence and for the snacks she makes, Mrs. Poupee is truly a Queen for all special tastes! Mrs. Poupee and sir Jerry have a special bond that goes back to when he helped the Poupee Doupees in the Great Earth Rumble of 1982.
Sir Jerry was given a job a long time ago, by secret people, to make children happy and a little kooky. His worldly adventures are legendary. His stories take us on a musical and magical journey with the help of the greatest musicians who ever lived, the most spectacular dancers whoever danced and characters that will make your eyes pop out of your HEAD!
In a far away land, Sir jerry came across a boisterous man child being attacked by a wild pack of Modiglianis. Sir Jerry saved and raised Melman, teaching him everything he needed to know. Since then Melman has been Sir Jerry’s trusted Man Servant. At his side forever vigilant and faithful. Melman LOVES cheese!
This is Mr. Bigshot the Drummer. He hits the drums with the gentle touch of a sensitive grizzly bear. Sir Jerry found him while taking a hike in the Himalayas. Mr. Big Shot learned drums from a wise old owl who happened to have a pretty huge record collection.
The Spy has been tormenting Sir Jerry since the Great Monkey Caper. Why she follows him, what she wants, who she is working for are a great mystery. All Sir Jerry knows is that The Spy's dangerous beauty makes himvery nervous.
Har Har Har Hee Hee Hee!!!!Sir Jerry can't out smart me!
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